Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

Bothwell Castle

While we were still exploring the inside of Craignethan Castle, the gracious caretaker Olivia phoned ahead to the caretaker of Bothwell , so he would leave the gates unlocked for us to enter well after closing hours . I neglected to ask the caretaker of Bothwell for his name . I wish to take this time to thank him for his kindness in allowing us to enter after hours and spend as much time as we wanted exploring . A heavy fog took over the sky as we approached the castle all adding to it's mystique . The castle's original construction was started by Walter of Moray who was the Lord of Bothwell in 1242 . The castle was never completed under the ownership of Moray , but the most spectacular room the great donjon or tower is credited to him . The castle was heavily involved in the wars with England in the beginning of the fourteenth century . In 1301 the English deployed 7,000 men against the castle . When the wars subsided the ownership passed to the Black Douglasses which rebuilt most of the structure that had been damaged due to the wars . In 1455 they were overthrown and the castle and lordship became that of King James II . Bothwell Castle stands on the River Clyde and is situated on a great parkland and is truly a beauty to behold due to the upkeep of Historic Scotland . I have found no documentation of hauntings at this castle .