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Charleville Forest Castle

As you drive deep into an ancient Oak tree forest you come upon a breath taking Gothic Revival styled castle named Charleville . Built in the eighteenth century it took fourteen years to construct . The castle was designed by Francis Johnston for Charles Bury . Both Francis and Charles were followers of Sacred Geometry and the design and layout of the Castle and grounds reflect those beliefs and practices . Two of the Earls of Charleville were Grandmasters in the Freemasons of Ireland .That is why the towers were designed with the eight point star construction . The castle was purposely built on Electro Magnetic Ley Lines in the earth that past civilizations had discovered here long ago . Paranormal activity is always more prevalent in locations on such lines . It's as if the veil between both realms is transparent in the right atmospheric conditions . The castle had a somewhat enchanting feel but it was the back stables that drew my attention . Even during the day they felt gruesomely inviting . But it was at night when the excitement would occur while filming down the long tree clad drive that leads from the front of the castles stone wall to the stables . My traveling companion and myself both armed with our Sony video cameras with super night vision were unable to focus at all within the courtyard of the stables . No matter where we pointed our cameras in the courtyard we could not gain focus . I toggled between regular and super night vision . After twenty minutes of useless filming we retreated to the car the begin filming in the infamous haunted forest that lay directly outside the stables gate . It was now 1:20 am by 1:45 am the excitement began . First an entity flew across the driveway in front of the car low to the ground . It was two post lengths in front so I would say it was about twenty five to thirty feet away . We were discussing what I had watched fly by when the electrical phenomenon began . It was 2:10 am when the doors locked themselves . At 2:20 am the car alarm goes off for no reason . I was still filming and the chaos that we felt with the deafening alarm continuing to shrill while we frantically tried everything to get it to stop now seems quite funny . Finally it just stopped . At first we questioned if somehow the panic button had been touched . But as my friend had her hands on her camera keeping it steady as I had mine keeping mine steady there would be no way for either of us to touch the keys three feet away . You see we were filming through the sun roof and the keys were in the ignition . Just as we had calmed down from the interruption and began to film again the alarm went off again at 2:46 am . Finally it was quiet again . At 2:50 am my friend lost half of her cameras battery strength . As quick as the battery drained it then suddenly recharged . The air conditioner came on for no reason and we were unable to get it to turn off no matter how much we hit the button . It was one of the most interesting and funny nights I have had hunting in a long time . The video clips include the entity flying across the drive minutes before the car phenomenon began . The car alarm going off both times and finally the air conditioner not only turning itself on but unable to be turned off . Also below are daytime pictures of both the inside courtyard of the stables where the video cameras at night would not focus and the front of Castle Charleville . A night I'll not soon forget .

Charleville Castle

Entity Flying Across Road by Stone Wall

Car Alarm Going Off Both Times

Air Conditioner Turning on and Then Unable to Turn Off


Stone Wall Where Car Phenomenon Occurred and Video was Shot

Inside Courtyard of Charleville Stables where Cameras were Unable to Focus at Night

Front View of Charleville Stables