Nothin but hardcore ghost huntin'

Historic and Haunted Olivewood Cemetery

Those of you who know me personally know that I work and reside in the Historic Heights of Houston near Downtown . In 1999 I began a search for the oldest historic African American cemetery called Olivewood . On my lunch hour I would drive in the area I knew it had been located to try and find this forgotten beauty . It was only when my friend and fellow coworker Michael Madrid using global satellite imagery were we able to locate the dead end road off a ravine where it lay . I called my dear friend and fellow ghost hunter Shelley to join me that evening to investigate Olivewood . On our first visit I made contact with an entity that referred to herself as Mary White . She graced my camera with beautiful ectoplasmic energies as seen in the photos below . We continued to visit this cemetery and Mary White regularly for the next 3 years . When Daniel Vargas contacted me for the Texas Magazine cover story " Where Ghosts Dwell " it was one of the locations investigated for the article by myself Cathi Bunn , Shelley Joslin and Chris Moreno . On several visits to Olivewood we would come across refuse of all kinds lying about . This is an un kept and dangerous place at night to say the least .We trampled through six foot overgrowth , fell into sunken graves and on one occasion interrupted a crack whore and her john behind a tombstone off the ravine . Syringes and used condoms were also seen in several areas . This cemetery is why I decided to obtain a concealed hand gun license .A local preservation community has taken this gem of a cemetery under it's wings and hopefully it will be brought back to it's rightful beauty . Several television stations have recently broadcast Olivewood's historic value to the African Community but more importantly it's whereabouts . Local residents are concerned with trespassing and vandalism . They have vowed to call authorities whenever someone is spotted inside after dusk . The owner of the company I am operations manager of during daylight hours has purchased all the property that is adjacent to Olivewood Cemetery . We will be erecting a building soon and moving the business there shortly . How divine that I will walk out the back door onto one of my favorite cemeteries every day . What more could a ghost hunter ask for ? Our business will also be volunteering services in keeping the historical gem in the manner it should be . Below are the pictures captured while communing with Mary White . I have also included my favorite grave in Olivewood that lists the " Murdered " as the cause of death .