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Kinnity Castle

Located dead center in the very heart of Ireland in the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains . Kinnity Castle sits on the site of several previous fortresses . The first being destroyed in the year 1209 . Only to be reconstructed around 1213 by the Norman's . An Augustian Abbey and Monastery were built behind the castle during this period . Picture number 3 shows the remains of that Abbey . The Gaelic O'Carroll's ran out the Norman's . And consequently constructed a castle near the Abbey in 1630 . The Republicans burnt it down in 1921 only to be constructed again in 1928 . It now houses a luxury suite hotel complete with all the amenities a country squire would expect in a vacation retreat including a helicopter pad . Falconry classes are held along with Archery and horse back riding . Whilst we were scouting around the grounds , the gentleman that teaches the falconry classes offered a rare treat of allowing me to film his African Spotted Owl being trained . The link to this video can be seen below . Kinnity Castle is haunted by a prophetic monk that offers glimpses into the future with his incredibly accurate prophecies . The monk has been in residence since 1100 and shows no signs of leaving any time soon . He speaks only to the staff but allows himself to be seen by guests . He is described as dressed in black and has a great sense of humor and loves the castle filled with the laughter of others . He is regularly in attendance in the Great Room where the weddings are held . The Dungeon Bar located in the depths of the castle is fondly named after his presence . Unfortunately the castle was booked solid for the next several months and I could not acquire a room . I will make my reservations well in advance upon my next visit .


Kinnity Castle , Monastic Abbey Ruins , Dungeon Bar and Falconry Instructor



Video of African Spotted Owl in Training