Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

Mueschke Cemetery

As I'm sure you know by now I have an ongoing contact with the entity I named " Ectoman ". I met him the first time I was taken to Mueschke Cemetery . You can read about that rather special evening on the Ectoplasm page of this website . There have been nights that I capture nothing at all . All the while you know , and feel he is all around just toying with me . Then other nights I'll have filmed only glimpses of him on video . I go to pack up my things to retreat home and it's as if he's to vain not to show himself and amaze me once again . I have gathered some of my favorite photos from just those sort of evenings Ectoman has treated me too time and time again .On picture # 2 you can actually get a glimpse of his skeletal features . I have come in contact with many an entity over the years . I will always watch my back whenever he's around . These pictures occurred on a full moon , a new moon and all nights in between . Don't let him fool you , he can come out whenever he wants . Ectoman definitely has attitude . Click the thumbnails below to see a enlarged view .