Nothing but hardcore ghost huntin'

Plantation X / Neighborhood X

I was contacted by a Miss S. who's brother Mr. R.owned a home in a neighborhood in southeast Texas which was built on the site of an old sugar cane and cotton plantation. Several of the homes in a section of the neighborhood had been experiencing ghostly encounters for years. These homes are suspected of being built over the old slave cemetery which was part of the original plantation. The developer claims that all of the bodies were reinterred in another location. How many times have we heard that before? A neighbor had told Mr.R. several years ago before Mr.R purchased his home, a priest was called out to exorcise and bless each one. I can't speak for the other homes, but this home was unaffected by the priests visit. All phenomenon we had been told by the owner to expect to encounter... we did. The investigative team which included myself, Cathi Bunn,Chris Moreno and Lissa Madrid, entered the home at 11pm . Lissa began her taped interview of Mr.R. for 3 hours. Lissa's batteries went dead twice that night. The wetbar faucet in the adjoining game room would begin to run as the owner had told us would happen when ever the slaves were being spoke of. I don't mean drip fast, I mean run. Mr. R. has had to give away every pet he has had since moving to this home. They all just start acting"crazy" after living there. Once given away to other homes, the animals return to normal behavior. Every roommate has moved out due to the extreme paranormal phenomenon experienced in the upstairs of this residence. One of his roommates had to find a home for his African Grey parrot also due to the homes presence of entities. If the animals were hearing all that we recorded on film, I can understand why. Chris and myself spent most of the evening upstairs filming from 11pm till 4am. Oh, did I mention the owner Mr. R. hasn't ventured to the upstairs of his home in over 6 months due to the activity. And the only cat he still owns has had to be put on kitty Prozac. Banging on the walls was also heard, the owner had told us on some nights the banging would get so loud, he would stand in the middle of his living room and scream "Shut Up" as loud as he could towards the upstairs. The banging would then stop. When we went outside to take a break at 12:30am and again at 3:30am we all heard the most curious residual sounds in this part of the neighborhood. Drumming...African VooDoo like drumming. The same beat over and over and over again. The animals through out the area would key you in that it was about to start. Yard by yard they began barking, one right after the other as if it were a domino effect. All the way across this area of the neighborhood. Then you would hear 2 cows moo. Then like clockwork the drumming would begin. After our initial investigation and trying to convince the spirits this was not the place for them to be after death, the house remained quiet for 3 or 4 nights. But alas, as reported to me by the owner today by phone, they have returned. We will be going back soon. Click below to see only some of the many entities filmed that evening.

Orb flying through wall and passing by camera

Entity flying from bed

Orb flying out of wall

Entity flying away from camera across the room

Entity flying out of wall in hallway towards camera

Entity flying right to left across floor

Two orbs flying towards camera

Orb flys out from camera then another flys out of closet towards toilet area

Four seperate entities flying towards camera from bed