Nothing but hardcore ghost huntin'

Trees of Charleville Forest

The energy that overtakes you as you drive through this forest that leads up to the castle is to say the least energizing . The Ancients using dowsing techniques found highly charged Electro Magnetic Ley Lines on this piece of land . If you are sensitive to these types of fields , one knows as soon as you cross an intersection of these lines . Whenever I felt an upsurge of extreme energy an ancient traveled foot path would be near leading deep into the forest . And close to the foot path would be a tree so wondrous I had to stop and capture it on film . This forest consumes all your five senses as you drive or trek through it's haunting beauty . Below are a few of the trees and statuary captured in black and white . These shots were taken in the afternoon hours . Later in the wee hours of the morning while filming in this forest near the stables and adjacent to the stone wall , the electrical phenomenon that quite simply took over our rented Volvo would occur .


Trees , Gates and Statuary of the Forest of Charleville Castle