Without old haunt, what's ghost to do?


With Denton's old Flow Memorial Hospital building coming down, some folks there are wondering: Where will Betty go?

Betty's the ghost of a nurse who died at the hospital in the 1960s and who still walks hallways late at night, according to local lore.

Hospital workers have reported feeling cold spots and hearing doors open and close and footsteps all on the third floor.

W. "Hock" Hochheim, a former police officer who worked at the hospital, said he once felt someone standing behind him, but when he turned around, no one was there.

Cathi Bunn, a paranormal investigator, said that if it's a true haunting, the ghost will probably stay put.

But Dorothy Damico, who lives nearby, said she's got room.

"If Betty's looking for a place, we've got the welcome mat out for her."

-- Tabitha Chancellor
Denton Record-Chronicle