Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'


I was first introduced to this special cemetery by a unique individual and dear friend I will refer to as John H. He knew I loved old cemeteries and he wanted to share with me one of his childhood hangouts . It is a small family cemetery, seven graves in all in the middle of what is now an area filled with office buildings and up scale neighborhoods . If you're not shown it is there, you would drive right by never knowing of its existence . The graves date back to the 1890's, when this area of Houston was farmland . I began to go there with my Great Pyrenees "Isabella" to take pictures and shoot video . I would capture the most beautiful blue Orbs . It seemed when I had my dog with me the Orbs would come out in abundance . One night Isabella and myself went by and I took a couple of quick pictures and left to go home and upload them into the computer . I had a picture with muted blue Orbs . I zoomed in to see a complete Lil' Girl . Her dress, hat, sleeves and flowers in her hand were unbelievable . I emailed the picture to my friend Lissa Madrid to filter out everything but the apparition . Lissa's pictures can be viewed by clicking the original picture below . I would go back weekly and visit Lil' Girl Blue as I would come to call her for two years . I would set up my video camera and ask her to come out and play . She never refused coming out each and every time . Two years later construction began all around her cemetery and her actions on video began to seem less happy and carefree .The last time I saw her happy was Friday the 13th of October of 2000 . You can view her coming out in a spectacular showing of multiple blue Orbs before manifesting into full bodied apparition in the section titled Orbs . By the end of two years of contact with Lil' Girl Blue I had been hunting with my friend Shelley for quite some time . We had both witnessed her decline in spirit and decided it was time to ask her if she knew to go into , or if she could still see the light . We asked if any of her family members could assist in showing her the way . I normally do not get involved with entities being sent to the light as I believe in free will of the soul . I practice to not interfere but only document my findings . In extremely haunted homes where the entities are causing harm , I will interject that this is not acceptable for the entity to involve itself with the living . I ask the homeowner to join me in letting them know they are not welcome if they choose to cause strife . In all cases it has assisted in bringing the negative aspects of a haunting to an abrupt halt . Anyways , It was a sad to know I would never make contact with Lil' Girl Blue again . Since those days I have captured many apparitions, but Lil' Girl Blue was special, very special . I miss her even now . Every so often I drive past or park in the little cemetery to stop and remember her . Many thanks to John H. for sharing this cemetery with me . If you hadn't , I would have never known Lil' Girl Blue and that would truly be a shame .
Click the picture to see "Lil'Girl Blue" up close .