Nothin but hardcore ghost huntin'

Covenanter's Prison Cemetery
"Home of the Black Mausoleum"

In Edinburgh there is a cemetery called Greyfriar's . It has been considered haunted for centuries . Its gruesome past includes witchcraft , bodysnatching , headstone removal , desecration , corpse dumping , live burial and use as a mass prison . In 1998 something began occurring in the graveyard . Visitors started encountering cold spots ,smells and loud banging noises . Visitors also found themselves overcome by nausea and also left cut and bruised by something that was not visible . During the next two years , twenty nine people were knocked unconscious that ventured inside . The homes that are next to the graveyard wall also became plagued with unexplained events inside them . Objects inside the homes had been smashed against the walls or moved by themselves . An unexplained and unidentified laughter was also heard . A Priest was brought in and two exorcisms performed . Of course they both failed . The section of Greyfriar's where all these attacks occurred is chained shut . The unidentified entity that is said to have caused these actions has been named "McKenzie's Poltergeist". I ventured to Scotland just to experience this wonderful place . When I arrived at the locked gates of Covenanter's inside of Greyfriar's , I knew I had to get inside . I refused to take a tacky tour at night with people making money off the dead . So there I am standing at the gates with my arm stretched as far as it would reach between the bars of the gate trying to get some EVP on my digital voice recorder . Two men come up from behind and ask me what I was trying to do . I began to explain ( knowing they are going to think I've obviously lost my mind ) that I was a ghosthunter from the States and I was attempting to record voices from another plane of existence . To my surprise they were interested and began to ask questions about ghosthunting . The divine order in this chance meeting was that Mark and Richard were stone masons hired to repair a tomb inside of Covenanter's Prison section of the cemetery .Now this was one occurrence worthy of an academy award in manifestation . Mark and Richard spent the next four hours showing me all around the cemetery . Mark had keys to all the tombs and areas no one has been allowed inside to before . I was in ghosthunter heaven ! I was allowed to film any area I wanted for as long as I cared to . They took me into the infamous "Black Mausoleum" and yes the next morning I too had a 19 inch bloody scratch in the shape of a "S" on my left leg from my knee to my hip . I also had bruising on both arms and upper legs . I photographed each injury . This is exactly what I had come to Scotland for , and because of these two wonderful beings , I had the time of my life ! The friendship that was started that day between Mark and myself , will last for a very long time . For the next five days till I had to depart , Mark picked me up every evening and took me castle hunting all over the countryside . We also went back to Covenanter's at night and filmed the mausoleum extensively . I recorded Ectoplasm during the daytime entering the Black Mausoleum following Richard . As you watch the video look up at the top of the doorway as it follows Richard inside . The second video is at night . An entity comes from behind us and flies to the other end of the cemetery gates and then back to us . This all happened in a matter of seconds . Below you will find daytime pictures of the locked part of the cemetery and the videos .


Ecto entering at the top of the doorway to the "Black Mausoleum"

Entity coming from behind us and flying to the cemetery gates and then back to us