Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

Mueschke Cemetery

I was contacted through email by a woman named Shelley Joslin . She had seen my picture of the Lil' Girl apparition I captured at a local Houston Cemetery on the I.G.H.S. website . Shelley wanted to get together some night to show me her favorite cemetery and in turn I would take her to mine where I had been making weekly contact with the Lil' Girl . The first night we scheduled to hunt together was the next full moon . I picked her up and she directed me to Mueschke . The cemetery is at the end of a dark road and is about the size of half a football field . We split up and went in opposite directions to position ourselves at opposite ends of the cemetery . The cemetery had a very definite feel to it as if you were being watched and followed ... very closely from behind . I positioned myself with my back against a fence and started taking pictures . The first one had a substance that appeared to be dripping off the pine tree in front of me . The view finder didn't allow me to see just how much ecto was surrounding me . I started walking to a clump of Crepe Myrtle trees on the other side of the cemetery . The trees had recently been trimmed and their cuttings were still on the ground . I got a very creepy feeling from behind me and I started to click away with my camera . Every picture taken had excellent ecto coming closer to me . Something tripped me and after I got up off the ground I noticed the clippings of the Crepe Myrtle bushes were lifting off the ground and twisting themselves into the hem of my dress . Just as I would untangle one branch another would fly and twist itself into my hem again . I wanted a witness to this phenomenon so I called for Shelley to come to my side of the cemetery . I was still clicking my camera when I noticed how big the ectoplasmic cloud around me was growing . It was starting to take form and shape . I was able to see a angry male face staring at me . I wanted to get a picture allowing others to see the size it had grown into . I positioned myself where the next picture taken would have tombstones so the size of the creature would be evident . The next picture taken showed all three faces and a canine body of a wolf like creature . I had no idea that my video camera had captured Ectoman slithering across the ground towards us which you can view with the link below . Needless to say this was one of the best times I've had ghosthunting . Shelley and myself have returned to this cemetery many a night and made incredible contact with the entity we refer to as Ectoman . Don't get me wrong this entity is definitely negative to say the least . On one evening we were about to leave and Shelley decided to tell Ectoman to show us a little something more before we packed up our video equipment . As soon as the words left her mouth she had been knocked from behind to the ground . Below you can click on the thumbnails to see the pictures and click on the links to view the videos from several evenings spent with Ectoman .

Click the picture to see the video of "Ectoman" Slithering towards us


Link to video of Shelly being knocked down from behind