Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

"E Time Solutions" 2nd Investigation

My friend Laurel Campbell is the president of a web design business called "E Time Solutions" . The business is located in the historic warehouse district in Houston , Texas . This would be the second investigation to be conducted at E Time . The first investigation was one of many places I had investigated for the Houston Chronicle "Texas Magazine " cover story written by Daniel Vargas . You can view the video and the story of the first investigation in the section "Media" where the web version of the article is located . The decision to hold a second investigation was made when Laurel told me she planned to relocate the business . On the full moon that was to occur the weekend before the move I conducted a final investigation . During the first investigation the entities captured in flight on video had a definite female energy . It seemed as if we were coming in contact with the same energies this evening . Past residents of this loft styled address have all reported ghost like occurrences that happened in the downstairs areas . One prior female resident had shared a picture she had taken after painting the floors where she had captured a beautiful large ectoplasmic energy in the downstairs entry way . A couple who had lived there previously to E Time had also said they always felt like they had not lived there alone , but had visitors from time to time . On my previous visit I placed my video camera in the upstairs office loft that overlooked the downstairs where I captured a bouncing ball type Orb coming out of the ceiling then floating down to the floor . It then bounced back up and flew around Daniel Vargas and finally flew into Chris Moreno's shoulder . After passing through Chris' shoulder it exited through the brick wall . I wanted to place my video camera at a different vantage point for this evenings investigation . I set up in the downstairs entry way with a full view of the downstairs where the past resident had captured the ectoplasm . I also placed a video camera at the opposite end of the room facing my entry way camera to try and capture a two sided view of what ever I was about to film . Below is the video captured of several Orbs flying into myself and my camera . Kurt also captured Orbs flying around behind me as I bent over to pack up my equipment at the end of the evening . Kurt ventured down a common hallway to ask another resident that was a fellow colleague in the media business if he had ever encountered anything out of the ordinary while living there . The colleague reported sometimes seeing something out of the corner of his eye but nothing substantial . Investigators onsite for this investigation were Shelley Joslin of the H.G.H.S. , Kurt Kuykendahl of K & K Media and myself Cathi Bunn .
Orbs flying towards camera