Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'
Gettysburg International Ghost Hunters Convention 2001

Dr. Dave Oester and Dr. Sharon Gill host the I.G.H.S. Convention every year in Gettysburg Pennsylvania . If you're an Inner Circle member you are treated to a series of private investigations at some of Gettysburg's most haunted locations . We first entered the house of Jenny Wade and were allowed to investigate upstairs and downstairs finishing in the basement where Jenny Wade had died after being shot through her kitchen by a stray bullet from a sharpshooter who was stationed in the attic of the Farnsworth House . We then crossed the street to investigate the basement of the Soldier's Museum . During the war this building was the Children's Orphanage . The sad energy could still be felt in the basement where the shackles are attached to the wall . You could feel the residual pain and torture the children had endured in this place .We ended our private investigations at the infamous Farnsworth House . There are said to be 13 or more different entities residing in this bed and breakfast . We were taken on a tour by one of the staff that holds the Mourning Theater productions in the basement . She took us through all of the bedrooms and the bathroom on the upstairs level that is so haunted they have closed it to the public . We ended the tour in the attic . An hour long storytelling began by our tour guide telling us the complete war time history and hauntings of the home . We experienced at least 4 of the residing spirits in the home during this time . Whenever the dark negative male spirit would enter the attic he was quickly escorted out by a spirit named Mary . When Mary would enter the room the overpowering smell of roses filled the air . The rest of the convention was spent night after night in the battlefields . While in Spangler's Woods Shelley , Tom and myself experienced residual cannon and gunfire shots for a period of 5 minutes . I captured some of the best ectoplasm I could have ever hoped for at Sach's bridge while talking with my friends Tom and Eileen about the history of this bridge and the 3 young gentlemen who were hung there for desertion . The Holiday Inn where the convention is held every year sits a top part of the battlefield and is also haunted . I had a Union soldier visit my room 2 nights in a row . On the second night I kept my camera by me and was able to capture his ectoplasmic mist trailing across the room and through the wall . Below you can view pictures of all of these places by clicking the thumbnails . If you're serious about ghosthunting don't miss Gettysburg and Dave and Sharon's yearly convention .

Sach's Bridge

East Calvary Battle Field and Holiday Inn Room

Jenny Wade House Basement and Farnsworth House Attic