Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'
Gettysburg International Ghost Hunters Conference 2003

Dr. Dave Oester and Dr. Sharon Gill host the I.G.H.S. Convention every year in Gettysburg Pennsylvania . The best aspect of Dave and Sharon's yearly conference is getting the chance to see people you love to hunt with , but only see once a year . Two of my favorites are Tom and Eileen who I joined two of the four nights I was in Gettysburg . The first night we met up at Sach's Bridge Picture # 2 was captured in the pointing the camera towards the infamous haunted woods behind the bridge . The next night I met everyone at Spangler's Woods and Devil's Den . In Spangler's Wood's I captured a very eerie EVP. I had asked what they thought of the yearly reenactments of the battles . A very loud and long groan can be heard clearly . At Devil's Den near the four cannons picture # 1 was then captured . You can clearly make out a figure in the bottom left corner . The last Gettysburg Ghost Conference I had attended I spent a long time talking with Patti who owns the Farnsworth House . She had told me as a child she would go to the actual Collin's family cemetery and read books amongst the graves dating from the early 1700's . After the show Dark Shadows came out Patti said the cemetery had began to be vandalized and they reentered Barnabas Collins's grave , but all the rest of the family were still buried there . So on this visit to Gettysburg I promised myself I would go back to the Farnsworth house and get directions from Patti on it's whereabouts . Patti was busy giving a tour but her father graciously provided us with directions into the countryside to find the cemetery from one of my favorite childhood television shows . Sure enough there were all of the family names from the show . A big indention in the ground showed where Barnabas's grave had once laid . It had snowed the night before and the blanket of white set a beautiful back drop for these ancient gravestones . In pictures # 3 and # 4 you can see on the enlarged version the daytime ecto floating around us as we walked and recorded the dates of each family members gravestone . As always Gettysburg was a wonderful getaway for a couple of days of historical ghost hunting .

Devil's Den and Sach's Bridge

Barnabas Collin's Cemetery