July 7th 2006 In the fall I will be traveling to France to conduct several investigations . Abbeys and Castles in the French countryside and of course one of the most famous cemeteries in the world Pere - LaChaise in Paris . Upon my return I will post my experiences under Investigations in the Europe section under France . October 28th 2005 Featured in New York Times article " Moving Orbs of Light " also Featured on " Fox News Live " . April 25th , 26th & 28th , 2005 Four of my pictures containing Ectoplasm and Vorteces are featured on the National Geographic Channel's " Is it Real ... Ghost's " To be aired on three nights . February 26th, 2005 Olivewood Cemetery has been added to United States Investigations page and Cemeteries page . February 1st, 2005 I have been asked to teach an intensive one day seminar on the techniques used in documenting paranormal activity to be held on June 13th, 2005. The seminars first half will feature film footage and recorded EVP captured both in the United States and the United Kingdom . The second half will focus on active Texas haunted locations . I have asked my dear friend and fellow paranormal investigator Trish Prescott to join me in sharing experiences and in the field techniques . December 6th, 2004 I am thrilled beyond belief to announce I will finally be working on a project I have wanted to collaborate on for years . The book called " Art From Beyond The Grave " . It will feature my life experiences along with my investigation accounts and pictures . December 4th, 2004 Sachs Bridge page added to Investigations under United States section . December 2nd, 2004 Appearance on Sci-Fi Channels " Proof Positive ". November 27th, 2004 Texas A&M University Animal Industries Building page added to Investigations in the United States section . October 28th, 2004 Filming on location with CBS affiliate KBTX and news corespondent Carly Kennelly at Texas A&M University . Animal Industries building investigation for an upcoming special on " Urban Myths and Hauntings " October 25th, 2004 City Savvy Magazine article " Dream Home is Stuff of Nightmares " by John Perry documenting an investigation I conducted for a Houston Police Lieutenant . The link to this article is on the Media page . October 10th, 2004 Discovery Channels " Mystery Hunters " Pictures taken at Edinburgh's Covenanters Prison Cemetery . July 30th - August 2nd, 2004 On location in Gettysburg PA . Filming a segment on Sach's Bridge for Sci-Fi Channels " Proof Positive ". May 12th, 2004 Clonony and Kinnity Castles have been added to Ireland under Investigations . May 2nd, 2004 Charleville Castle added to Ireland under Investigations . March 1st, 2004 EVP added to Haunted Texas High School Investigation . January 17th, 2004 @ 10:35 pm I will be appearing on ABC's "The House That Judge Built , The Legendary Penthouse" It will air again the night before the Superbowl January 31st, 2004 @ 10:30pm . Haunted Astrodome Hotel Penthouse page added to Investigations page 1 .October 31st, 2003 ABC Channel 13 News story on Haunted Firehouse . October 30th, 2003 City Savvy Magazine article on Haunted Firehouse written by Paul Beckman . September 29th, 2003 Historic Firehouse Investigation with Journalist Paul Beckman added to Investigations page 1 . April 21st,2003 Mueschke Cemetery page 2 in Cemeteries page . January 4th, 2003 Hidden & Underground Vaults of Edinburgh , Craigmiller Castle , Bothwell Castle , Craignethan Castle 2nd visit and Dryburgh Abbey have been added to Scotland under Investigations . November 4th, 2002 Daniel Vargas won yet another award for the Texas Magazine cover story that was written last year about me"Where Ghosts Dwell". Daniel was the recipient of The Dallas Press Club "Katie Award". The article had already won the "Houston Press Club Award" for "Best Feature Article of 2001". The article was also voted one of the top 5 "Best Feature Article of 2001" for the Online Journalism Awards presented by Columbia University School of Journalism . Congratulations Daniel you are the greatest, I had one of the best times of my life being your Cover Girl !

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