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Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery Nightime

After a day of wandering around the Scottish countryside exploring castles off the beaten path , Mark and Debbie took me back to Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery for a nightime investigation . We would also enter the infamous "Covenanter's Prison Cemetery" at the back of "Greyfriar's Kirk" this same evening . Inside Greyfriar's Mark unlocked the tomb of "McKenzie" whom is supposed to be the entity haunting "Covenanter's Black Mausoleum". As you enter the circular tomb , you see beautiful shell niches . On the right side of the floor there is a metal gate that you open to find stone steps leading down to where the 4 coffins are resting . The reason this particular tomb is so important to ghosthunter's is the fact that "McKenzie" is the man who sentenced everyone in the Covenanter's Prison . The section of the cemetery named "Covenanter's Prison" is so haunted the city of Edinburgh keeps it chained and locked . There are 3 different tour companies that take visitors to the locked area at night . Visitors on a regular basis leave the area with cuts and bruises they never felt happening to them . These afflictions sometimes don't appear until they go home for the night and take a shower only to notice the open wounds and bruising . After being attacked in the past , but never allowing an entity to harm me , I wasn't worried at all . Alas , when I too went to bathe I also had bruising from my wrist to my elbows on both arms . Bruising was also prevelent on my legs from the knee caps to the top of my legs . I was cut in an "S" shape , that when measured was 19 inches long . I documented it immediately with pictures in my hotel room . The hauntings in the "Covenanter's" part of the cemetery started in 1989 , supposedly when a homeless man broke into this tomb located in the "Greyfriar's Kirk" section. He went underground to the coffin area , and fell or fell onto McKenzie's coffin . The picture below shows the damage the coffin suffered . That is when the haunting started by the accounts I've read and have been told about . Why Mr. McKenzie would haunt another side of the cemetery where he had put so many to there ultimate death is beyond me . I still believe it is someone else . The divine order in meeting Mark and Richard in the daytime while I was alone taking some EVP recordings , was that they were stone masons repairing a tomb in "Covenanter's" and had keys to all the locked places and tombs in the cemetery ! We went inside both day and night . I never was subjected to a tacky tour guide making money off the dead . I was allowed to stay as long as I wanted in every tomb . And experienced the cemetery like no one else had been allowed to before . My gratefulness can never be measured for what they allowed me to do for the time I was in Edinburgh just to visit this cemetery . Mark and myself became such close friends in the time I was there , that he came and picked me up every night to take me into the Scottish countryside on hunts for forgotten Castles . In the short time I was in Scotland , I could have never accomplished all that I had without his support and love for castles . Thank you Mark and Richard from the bottom of my heart ... If you would care to read more about the bizarre happenings in this cemetery , there is a book about it called "The Ghost That Haunted Itself". You can also search on the web "McKenzie's Poltergeist". You can find the pictures of "The Black Mausoleum" on the pages listed as "Covenanter's". Below are the pictures from "Mckenzie's Tomb .