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Haunted Sachs Bridge Gettysburg Pennsylvania
I was contacted by Cosgrove-Muerer Productions and asked if I would agree to appear on a segment featuring myself and other ghost hunters who had captured paranormal activity in both video and stills on Sach's Bridge . I turned them down repeatedly by phone and email . It was Ryan Buell of Penn State Paranormal who I had spoken with on phone calls and emails that was a large part of me saying I would appear . Cosgrove-Muerer Productions had scheduled Ryan to conduct several investigations in and around the Gettysburg area and battlefields . I looked forward to meeting Ryan and working with him on the Sachs Bridge segment . Cosgrove-Muerer Productions flew me to Gettysburg first class and booked 2 rooms for three nights at the Gettysburg Hilton for myself and a friend . John Joseph the director asked me if I had the complete timeline of the pictures captured on Sach’s bridge . I sent them all 19 photos captured in a span of less than 10 minutes . They were amazed to see that I had followed the entity from inside and all the way through the bridge to across the road and finally ending up in the field behind the bridge . The final pictures were taken in front of 2 dozen or so witnesses . Myself and my friend were treated well by the production crew and it is always a pleasure visiting Gettysburg . I was also looking forward to seeing Ryan and his teams investigations featured . They were not featured on the Gettysburg episode as he was told they would be . I would like to thank the Proof Positive Forum Members who also posted their concerns on the handling of this and other segments of previous Proof Positive Shows . Below are the pictures in the order they occurred . Click the thumbnails to view the larger size .
Timeline as they occurred on Sachs Bridge Gettysburg Pennsylvania