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Haunted A&M University Animal Industries Building

I was contacted by Carly Kenelly of CBS affiliate KBTX . Carly was hosting a nightly series called " Urban Legends " . The first installment was to be an expose' on the A&M University Campus . The show was going to focus on the alleged haunting of the Animal Industry Building . The building itself has its own eerie form of architecture . On the outside facade are heads of animals in concrete . In the 1960's slaughtering of animals for students classes was a daily part of the college curriculum . The dissections of the animals took place in the basement floor in a room referred to as the "the meat room or kill room " . In 1965 laboratory manager Roy Simms was cutting into an animal when the knife apparently slipped and severed his femur artery . Bleeding profusely he tried to make to the stairs out of the basement but bled to death in front of the freight elevator doors . The freight elevator has been plagued with malfunctions ever since that night . Attempts to repair it are futile and now it is used as storage . Students report strange occurrence's and changes in the atmospheric conditions at night in the basement area where the death took place . The university library is filled with documentation of eye witnessed accounts that Carly found while investigating background information for this segment of her nightly series . The night I was scheduled to investigate was a full moon and only days before Halloween . My normal investigative team of Mark and Steven Madrid were unable to make the trip due to it being out of town and during the work week late at night . It all worked out ok being the news team only had access to the building for a short period of time . Film director Buddy Howard and Texas Monthly journalist Mark Haytor accompanied me for this investigation to take EMF and Temperature readings while I filmed in the hallway where Simms bled to death . I captured seven occurrences on video and a six degree temperature drop was noted in the ladies bathroom behind the kill room while a surge on the EMF meter was also documented by Buddy and Mark . At the same time the temperature and EMF fluctuations were occurring something brushed past and made contact with the behind of Mark Haytor in the bathroom . As I mentioned earlier we only had a short time to document on film anything that might occur while we were allowed during after hours on campus . Filming took place for only thirty seven minutes . For such a short time to have seven occurrence's captured on video and EMF and temperature changes to have happen I would definitely love to stay all night to allow even more communing with Roy Simms . Below you can click on the links to view the videos captured in the basement by the freight elevator . Many thanks to Carly and her camera team , Mark Haytor and Buddy Howard .

Mark Haytor in front of Kill Room entrance adjacent to the Freight Elevator being measured by Buddy Howard

Carly Kenelly and myself Cathi Bunn discussing student eye witnesses to the Roy Simms haunting of the basement


Video # 1 Entity coming out of wall straight for Carly

Video # 2 Entity coming out of same wall next to freight elevator

Video # 3 Entity coming out and heading for the KBTX camera man

Video # 4 Entity coming out near the Kill Room double doors