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Historic Haunted Firehouse

I had assisted Paul Beckman with an article last year of which he received an award for , but never had the pleasure of meeting or conducting an investigation with him until now . I was very pleased when he contacted me about one of Houston's historic firehouse's that was now a private residence . Paul had definitely done his homework and knew the whole history of the existing and previous firehouse to inhabit this spot of land near downtown . On September 24th ,1874 Brooks #5 joined the volunteer sector of the Houston Firefighters . It was named after a gentleman who was an old citizen of the Fifth Ward . In the beginning the firehouse had a small chemical wagon but by the next year a chemical engine was used at Brooks #5 . In 1877 two steamers were bought on loan by the city for #5 . But by 1879 they were repossessed for nonpayment . According to records the volunteer firehouse closed it's operations in 1883 . In 1895 or 1897 it seems unclear on the actual year , a paid firehouse #5 came into existence and had one steamer and one hose wagon . The first death associated with this firehouse is a Mr. Ed Thompson . While on the way to a fire , the hose wagon was crossing train tracks . There was an oncoming train and everyone jumped from the wagon . Mr. Thompson upon jumping fell backwards into the tracks and was killed instantly by the oncoming train . The second death at #5 was in 1951 . A Mr. Rufus Templet . He had a heart attack while battling a downtown fire and died two months later . In 1932 a newer firehouse was built on the same spot . Below you can see pictures of both . While we were there we experienced multiple fly bys on videos which can also be viewed below by clicking the links . The energy was quite positive and no negativity was felt by myself Cathi Bunn , or my fellow investigator Chris Moreno . While Chris was photographing the upstairs he would take four or five pictures that were clear and unobstructed . After that he would have a series of the same amount that were completely unclear . Chris also had movement of window blinds that seemed to coincide with him asking questions of the entity or entities that we were capturing on video downstairs . Again there was no negativity felt or reported by Chris , just positive watchful energies . As if they were just checking out what he was doing upstairs . I am still analyzing the EVP recordings gathered by Paul's daughter during the investigation and will post them if anything has been recorded . We all had a great time and the owners were most gracious and hospitable to all of us . Thanks so much to Mrs. S for letting us enter the now private residence . By the way the owners have completed a three year renovation of the firehouse and have kept as much as they could historically accurate . They even left the firepoles .

Picture of the 1895 firehouse

Picture of the 1932 firehouse

I had 22 seperate occurences on video below are six of them

Video of Orb slowly flying past us .

Video of Orb slowly flying in front of us .

At the end of clip nice fly by .

Slow fly by .

Orb again flying slowly past us .

Four seperate energies flying towards us .

Link to Paul Beckman's article .