Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'
Haunted Astrodome Hotel Penthouse

I was contacted by Alicia Von Greisman of KTRK the local ABC affiliate . Alicia was putting together a program to chronicle the contributions of Judge Roy Hofheinz to sports in the Houston area . My part in the show was to capture on film a presence that haunts the infamous penthouse of the Astrodomain Hotel . It would air in the weeks leading up to the Superbowl being played in Houston and again the night before the big game . Let's start at the beginning . Roy was a colorful character to say the least . He began his career as a member of the Texas House of Representatives , and served from 1934 to 1936 . From 1936 to 1944 he was an elected Harris County Judge . In 1952 he was elected mayor of Houston which lasted for two terms . After his public service ended he joined with his business partner Bob Everett Smith to form the "Houston Sports Association" . Together, and with the help of city bond elections in 1965 the H.S.A. built the Houston Astrodome complex . It was called the "Eighth Wonder of the World" . As the first completely enclosed domed stadium to host major sporting events . Soon after Houston was awarded a major league franchise . They were called the Colt 45's now known as the Astro's . The Oiler's also called the Astrodome their home as well as the yearly Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo . The sports complex also included four hotels . The most famous of which was the Astrovillage Hotel now remodeled and called the Radisson . The Judge and his wife Mary Gougenheim had their private residence in the Penthouse . The parties thrown and the guests that attended was a who's who of the 1970's . Elvis , Frank Sinatra , Muhammad Ali and every celebrity or sports legend of the time partied the nights away in the Penthouse . It was listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the most expensive hotel suite charging $ 2500.00 a night . The Judge died in 1982 of a heart attack , but his contributions to the Houston area live on . Alicia asked me to join the ABC film crew and news commentator Don Nelson at the Penthouse at 6:30 pm . Myself Cathi Bunn and fellow investigator Chris Moreno took the elevator to the top floor . When the doors opened an elongated hallway greeted us . Doors to left , doors to the right . We were then guided to the Master Bedroom to begin filming . The bedroom was decorated as if you had stepped back in time to a medieval castle . Red velvet and carved oak furniture . Chandeliers everywhere . To the right of the room was a Grecian like bathroom with pool and spa overlooking the city . We began filming but nothing was caught on tape in the bedroom . We then moved and began filming in the Safari bedroom . Mrs. Hofheinz joined us and started to share her memories of the good times they had shared in the penthouse . As she reminisced , a big beautiful Orb came flying around the corner from the long hallway and passed right by her as if to let her know he could hear all she was saying . When we told the ABC team that we had captured something on film they were elated . They had arrived at 9:00 am and it was now 9:00 pm , needless to say they wanted to go home and rest before their next day of filming interviews with celebrities who had spent time in the penthouse . I asked if it was all right if we stayed after they left to continue filming and they graciously obliged . Chris went from room to room taking stills while I concentrated on filming in the bedroom for another hour and a half . Below are pictures from the Safari bedroom , P.T. Barnum bedroom , Baseball theemed Discothèque and DJ Booth , and the Master bedroom with adjacent pool and spa room . The video of the orb passing by Mrs. Hofheinz is featured in both normal and slowed speed . Thanks again to Alicia and Don , and the whole ABC film crew . I am looking forward to working with Alicia on another project soon .

Master bedroom and adjacent Pool Spa room

Elevator hallway and P.T. Barnum bedroom

Baseball field dance floor and DJ booth

Video in normal speed
Video in slow speed