Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

A Very Haunted Texas High School

I was invited to investigate a high school by a teacher whom I will refer to as Mrs. P., we entered at midnight and filmed for 2 hours using night-vision equipped video cameras . We also used electromagnetic meters, dowsing rods,and a "mini-temp" to record temperature changes in the atmosphere . We caught most of the activity in the gymnasium on video, but downstairs in the girls workout room, the energy was so intense I could barely stand upright . I kept feeling completely off-balance . The electromagnetic field meter would fluctuate 28 points in areas where I had felt off-balance . There have been 30 years of occurences in the school according to Mrs. P. Prior to the investigation, we had been shown pictures taken during school assemblies, such as onstage presentations, which showed numerous orbs and even red ectoplasm on occasion . The video I caught was an entity following the custodian, Mr. C., when he walked towards the stage in the gymnasium and an entity following Mrs.P., investigators on site this night were Cathi Bunn, Shelly Joslin and Chris Moreno . We were allowed to film and enter anywhere we wished . Thanks to all the people who at this time wish to remain anonymous . We also returned to this site to allow a film crew for an upcoming television show on ghosthunters and haunted places . I will post the videos from those nights after the show has aired .

Click on the links below to view the videos .

Gymnasium Mr. C. Video

Gymnasium Mrs. P. Video

EVP Question "Is there anybody that would like to tell us their name " Answer " Nobody hears us "