Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

The Haunted Myrtles Plantation

St. Francisville Louisiana

It was August 31st 2001 and it was a full moon that just happened to be on my birthday . We had reservations for two nights at what is listed as one of America's Most Haunted Houses . . But first a little history on This haunted place . The Myrtles Plantation was built in 1794 by General David Bradford and is an excellent example of ante-bellum architecture . The hauntings began when Sara Matilda who was the daughter of David Bradford .She married Judge Clark Woodruffe and they moved into the Myrtles . Sara gave birth to two daughters . She was also carrying what was to be their third child . Her husband had the reputation for being promiscuous. Woodruffe started an affair with one of the slaves named Chloe . Chloe was what was known as a house slave and would basically do anything not be sent to the fields . When Judge Woodruffe started sleeping with another one of the slaves , Chloe became jealous and became worried of her status as a house slave . Chloe began eavesdropping on the Judges private conversations . When she was caught at this act , the judge had one of her ears cut off . Chloe began to wear a turban around her head pulled down on one side to cover her mutilation . Chloe's plan to return to the good graces of the family went horribly aerie . The plan was that the family would get sick and Chloe would nurse them back to health proving her place of importance in the household . Chloe ground Oleander leaves and put a small amount of them into a birthday cake . It was the oldest daughters birthday . Sara Matilda and the two children ate slices of the poisoned cake but not the Judge .By the evening all that had ate the cake were deathly ill . All three died that evening . The other slaves afraid for their lives dragged Chloe from her room and hanged her from a tree near the house .They cut down her body , weighted it down with rocks and then threw it into the river . The Judge a few years later was also murdered . Chloe has been reported at the Myrtles endlessly haunting the bedrooms and grounds . She tucks in visitors to the now Bed & Breakfast as they sleep . The children also haunt the home running up and down the stairs and hallways . They are commonly seen jumping on the beds in the guestrooms . The children have been seen by the current owners children hanging from the chandelier . There is a ghost that comes out before rainstorms and a Native American woman who dances nude by the gazebo . The house was built over Indian burial grounds . In the gameroom it is reported that four people to date aside from the Woodruffe's have been murdered in the downstairs and front porch .

Both nights I caught incredible phenomenon on video and still cameras . The room we were to sleep in was the John Leeks bedroom and is referred to as the epicenter of the home for ghostly activity . I filmed on video over fifty occurences of entities flying out from under the bed and into my feet while I stood filming behind the camera . I awoke on the first evening to see up in the right corner of the ceiling a series of twinkling light dancing about as if no one was watching . While walking across the bridge to the gazebo a beautiful female like entity graced my video camera with an incredible display of flight . I also captured ectoplasm later that evening on the still camera near the same spot . We went into town and visited the historic city cemetery next to the church . After returning from town , I wanted to take pictures of the front wrap around porch . I quickly clicked off a few pictures while walking the perimeter of the front yard adjacent to the house . In the first two pictures the camera captured two seperate apparitions . The first was a woman looking straight at me , the second is what appears to be a gentleman in a civil war soldiers uniform . What is so amazing are the time stamps on the pictures . They were taken within the same minute . They are also some of the most solid apparitions I have seen . Only in a small spot on the woman you can see the window pane through her . I have lightened these two photos so you can easily view the apparitions . Below you can view the pictures and videos from one of the best birthdays of my life .

The video clip below is looped to show one occurence twice.

Video of entity near Gazebo