Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'


Below you can read a short excerpt from an article my dear friends Dave & Sharon wrote on Orbs .You can find many informational articles posted on there website .
"When the creature or living thing dies, its 'life force' is no longer contained within the creature or living thing because the shell that made up the creature or living thing is now decaying and returning to the earth. The 'life force' survives death because energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Perhaps many of the orbs' that are captured on film and on the digital format represents the 'life force' energy patterns. The orb is the basic energy pattern of the spirit world and is the most common. This would be akin to taking pictures of people and all of them were wearing suits and ties.Common sense must be used when conducting investigations, such as no smoking, no driving on dusty roads, no picture taking in the rain, mist, fog or snow or else natural anomalies are going to be confused with paranormal events. We ask all to use common sense and avoid common dust, dirt, rain, snow, fog and moisture errors when taking pictures."

Below are pictures of orbs from various locations . Picture # 1 is in a cemetery near the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana . Picture # 2 are the orbs that appear before my Lil' Girl Blue apparition would manifest in a small cemetery in southwest Houston . Picture # 3 was taken inside the courtyard of Presidio La Bahia where the men were put to death after being captured at the battle of Goliad . Picture # 4 is an orb in motion called a vortex . It was taken at a historical cemetery in Houston . Pictures # 5 and # 6 are orbs inside an ectoplasmic entity referred to as Ectoman taken in a cemetery outside of Houston . Orbs are nice, but Ecto and EVP are better ! Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of each picture .