Presidio La Bahia

The massacre which occurred here has left many energies in a point of unrest. My stay at Presidio La Bahia occurred on two separate weekends.The first on a new moon, the second on a full moon. The first weekends investigators onsite were as follows; Cathi Bunn, Chris and Susan Moreno and Kurt Kuyendahl and his Media crew. After filming all night, Chris Moreno was awakened by a wall full of dark shadow men with red eyes staring at him . He reached under the bed for his flashlight only to find out it was inoperable ( this police issued flashlight always works ) . Chris then found his smaller Maglight, when lit the shadow figures with red eyes disappeared . Needless to say, Chris left the Maglight on the rest of the evening, and didn't get much sleep after that . I captured flying entities multiple times on video this weekend in the courtyard . The second weekends investigators onsite were as follows; Cathi Bunn, Michael, Lissa and Mark Madrid, Shelley Joslin and Kurt Kuykendahl . I captured on video, a moving Orb seeming to come out from the grave under the flag post, multiple flying entities were also captured on video at other locations inside the courtyard . Shelley Joslin and myself Cathi Bunn, watched the infamous "Lady in White" drift across the courtyard . She was walking in front of Mark , Michael and Lissa as Kurt was filming from behind . We were sure that Kurt's camera was capturing this event so I didn't take the time to walk to my camera and change the direction of filming . I was to mesmerized by the floating lady . I studied her dress and shawl for as long as she appeared before us . After the apparition disappeared into the wall of the forts courtyard , I couldn't wait to ask Kurt if he had caught it all on film . Neither Kurt's camera nor Mark , Michael and Lissa saw anything in front of them . They reported only feeling a strange presence . The courtyard inside the fort is very large, about half the size of a football field . The apparition lasted about 20 seconds . We watched in complete amazement...she was breathtaking to say the least . Below you can view larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the photos . Below you can view the Orb flying towards us from under the flagpole .

Orb flying towards me from flagpole