Nothin' but hardcore ghost huntin'

Rusk House Investigation


A woman named Sandra B. contacted me about her home she had recently purchased . It is located in a historic part of Houston . The home is a 2 story Victorian Craftsman Hybrid . The home itself is beautiful, with all of the original woodwork, stained glass and fixtures left in tack . The previous owner Bert, an elderly gentleman had died inside the home . Bert was about to go bowling , and had ran a bath for himself .While bathing, Bert had a heart attack and passed away in the upstairs bathroom . Sandra and her fiancé Rolf have had their share of paranormal activity in their new found residence . Pennies have been thrown at their backs while walking from the parlor to the kitchen , seemingly from out of nowhere . While guests were visiting from Los Angeles , and sleeping in the upstairs guest bedroom , voices had been heard when no one had been inside the home at the time but the guests . According to Sandra , one of the guests up and left to go back home to California . Sandra's two dogs have also let them know every time Bert's around and petting them . Sandra didn't want to get rid of Bert , she just wanted to confirm that he was hanging around . She contacted me by email, and a date and time was scheduled to investigate. It was the perfect weekend for a new investigation to come up . Dave Oester and Sharon Gill the founders of the "International Ghost Hunters Society" were about to arrive in Houston to spend the weekend visiting and Ghost hunting with me, before heading up north to host their annual "Gettysburg Convention". If you have never attended this convention before, I can say for myself as well as Shelly, it was one of the best ghost hunting experience's of our lives . Dave, Sharon, Shelley Joslin and myself Cathi Bunn arrived at the Rusk House at 7:00pm . After Sandra showed us which rooms the activity had been occurring in, we headed upstairs to begin the investigation . I captured on video what seemed to be a single entity several times . After doing this for so long, you get a feeling for the entities at the time you are filming . You begin, to be able to distinguish personalities or trates of the entity . Dave reported to have captured several pictures of Orb's hanging over our heads as well as some incredible EVP. Below you will find the links to the videos and Dave's EVP from that night . Enjoy!

Entity flying through doorway, disappearing and reappearing in front of plant

Entity flying across the floor and into Shelley

Entity flying out of right wall towards camera

Entity flying from top to bottom in front of Sharon

Dave's EVP of Bert saying "Why"

Dave's EVP of Bert in reverse saying "Help"