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Haunted Scotland

If you plan on ghosthunting in Scotland , your first stop must be Edinburgh . The most haunted city in Scotland . If you want to stay across the street as I did , from the most haunted cemetery "Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery" you should stay with my friends at the "Premier Lodge" located on 94-96 Grassmarket right at the foot of Edinburgh Castle , and 1 block from the "Royal Mile". You will be within 5 minutes walk from all the haunted attractions any serious ghosthunter would want to visit . The staff is incredible , and can help you with all your planning for your stay in Edinburgh . Outside of my bedroom window was the "Scaffold" where many met their death . There is an Internet Cafe' directly across the street to keep in touch with loved ones . You are right on Pub Row for all of the best nightlife in the city . The hotel is extremely haunted , especially rooms 309 and 310 . Alex is the manager and his email address is "" . The phone number is 0870 700 1370 . David the night manager and Irene who over see's the staff are the best ! Tell them Cathi Bunn sent you , and they will see to all your ghost hunting needs during your stay . Below are the links to one of the most exciting trips of my life ! I am planning on going back twice a year , till I am able to relocate there . 11/10/2002 I just returned from my stay in Scotland once again . In room 520 there was a couple celebrating their honeymoon . The husband awoke to see a full size apparition of a woman at the end of the bed . A staff member has seen on several occasions what seems to be a maid of the victorian era hanging out in the area where guests eat their breakfast .

Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery Daytime

Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery Nightime

Covenanters Prison Cemetery "The Black Mausoleum"

Yester Castle a.k.a "Goblin Hall"

Craignethan Castle

Rosslyn Chapel

Dryburgh Abbey and Hotel

Craignethan Castle 2nd Visit

Bothwell Castle

Hidden & Underground Vaults of Edinburgh

Craigmiller Castle